Silver Branch: A Priesthood of Hecate

Re-enchanting Humanity


It is often said in Pagan circles that we must re-enchant the land, but indeed, how could the land itself cease to be magical? Yes, there are places in which we humans have damaged our beloved mother, and healing those places is necessary, but the greater work is in healing those causing the damage for without that, nothing will change.

The Silver Branch Priesthood is Pagan priesthood engaged in the work our goddess Hecate - the work of re-enchanting humanity to bring us, as a species, back into right relationship with all the beings and forces of our world, and with those that interact with our world in the greater spiritual ecosystem. We must re-awaken and re-ignite the souls of humanity such that we no longer live with the illusion that we are all that is at stake.

We initiates of Silver Branch are children of the Weaver, our Dark Mother, who weaves the foundation of our being and the web that connects us all. We are priests and priestess of Hecate, Torch Bearer, Goddess of Magic and Witches, Keeper of the Crossroads, who guides and directs our work. We priests and priestess of Silver Branch work in the mediation of spiritual forces as they affect the surface world of our incarnation, and we work toward the healing of humanity that we might once again, as a species, move into conscious participation in the flow of spiritual forces between the Underworld, Surface world and Stellar world.